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On stage at the World Conference Center Bonn. June 2021. Picture: Martin Magunia

Your Request

You have a topic or a project and would like to go into dialogue with others.

As an NGO you have reached many people and now your would like to act together on a long-term basis.

In your community problems need to be adressed, discussed and to be solved.

For the design of the dialogue, analogue or digital, you yourself need help?


What's your challenge, festivity or other reason for dialgue?

Why not start this journey with us as your team?


If this is the case, please reach out to us. We support you trough moderation of the dialogue, gladly as a team. Friendly, efficiently, and always in the right tone. Because dialogue knows many paths. Whether in an analogous or digital way, in small groups or conferences or – in the best case – through a combination of both. Together we will find the right fit for you, your topics, and your goals; and especially the people you work with and the ones you like to reach.


For us, moderation is more than just dialogue or the event itself. We would like to advise you all the way of the journey and to achieve together a more sustainable, fairer world.

Together we join our capabilities specifically for your topic, your minicipality, NGO, or community. We also work with business, as long as sustainability is at the core of your work.


… Julia Pfinder and Alexander Thamm, together we have formed



...because we found out, that it is more efficient to work together than alone.

...because our experiences broaden not only our work, but also your success.

...because we have a good time together as team and like to inspire your event!

...because our clients gave us such great feedback, that we continued our journey as team.

Julia has specialised on participation, education, and sustainability for many years. With systematic and structured dialogue design methods, she has helped many projects, networks and organisations to succeed. She lives with her family in Munich. Sustainability and a fair dialogue in this world are more than just words to her.

Moderation, Moderator, Moderatorin, Moderatorenteam
Picture by Martin Magunia

Alexander leads dialogues on civil society, international affairs and innovation. He presents on TV, on stages and in networks. As a leading manager in the non-profit and foundation world, sector, he knows the importance of good results. He lives in Kreuzberg, Berlin, and Kreuth, Bavaria. He lives diversity and tolerance and stands up for these values. You can read in his blog to find out what's on his mind.

Moderation, Moderator, Moderatorin, Moderatorenteam
Picture by David Ausserhofer


Together we moderate your topic in a result-oriented way. In dialogue with the people you want to reach. We value the participation of everyone present, an empathetic process, innovative formats and an approach that involves everyone. This is also possible in the digital space. Because a "we have always done ot like that" is over in times of climate change, pandemic and populism. Thanks to digital tools, we want to prepare events with you in a targeted manner, aim for broad involvement without increased travel, and in the best-case scenario, translate this into sustainable action.


Since 2017 we work as a team, 2020 we founded Together we moderated the Bundeskonferenz der kommunalen Entwicklungspolitik 2018 (Federal Conference of the communal development policy) in Lübeck on behalf of Engagement Global / Service Agency Communities in One World SKEW. As part of the program Zusammenhalt durch Teilhabe (cohesion through participation) of the German Federal Ministry of Interior, Construction and Homeland BMI as well as the Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung BpB (Federal Center of political education) we shaped the dialogue with stakeholders for the development of criteria for the current call of tender. Currently, Julia leads the systemic development for the concept of Bildung für nachhaltige Entwicklung BNE (education for sustainable development) for the city of Munich. As a team, we helped to set up the conference series "digital BNE days" in 2020 and again in July 2021 as part of the process to develop a BNE Vision 2030.

Also in 2020 we moderated the Gipfel der Digitalen Nachbarschaft (digital neighborhood summit) of Deutschland sicher im Netz e.V. as an hybrid conference; as well as the digital, international conference on municipal partnerships with eastern Europe on behalf of the SKEW / Engagement Globaldigital with several countries and languages involved. At the end of the year we were happy to support two major NGOs with our moderation: an online conference of about the current situation of students in times of the pandemic and also an online confernce of the German Federal Association of Volunteer agencies bagfa.


2021 has started well with different digital events, Alex has moderated parts of the international Summit on European cultural politics and digital solutions, organized by the Goethe Institute and Progressives Zentrum.To complete the circle, we were delighted to moderate the 15. Federal Conference of the communal development policy by  Engagement Global / SKEW as a hybrid formate from the UN city of Bonn and with more than 750 participants online. Here you can find video references of our moderation.

References regarding our individual moderations you can find here:


We can do a lot, but not everything and anytime.


In our team, we have Lena Stolze as Program Assistant supporting us all the way and allowing us to concentrate on your issues. Lena studies Political Science and Economics at the LMU University of Munich and is active member of


And we have wonderful partners at our side.

For the moderation we are happy to consult and also alternate with Anita HüsemanJanis Fifka, Sophie Scholz and Florian Wenzel. Together we offer a variety of methods, topics, and experiences for your dialogue.


The best photos are taken by David Ausserhofer, regarding moving pictures with impact we trust in Alex and Philipp from Forstory.


We elaborate our texts with the help of Sylvia Jahn, who also likes to document. Creative interventions are provided by Ruth Geiersberger.


If our language skills are not sufficient, we rely on the voices of Interpretandum and Language Professionals. And our interpretation partner Magdalena Lindner-Juhnke can organise next to several languages the technical solution for videoconferences as well.


And finally: The design of our website is in the skilled hands of Andre Petrow.


Start your very own dialogue with us and get in touch. We are looking forward to start the journey with you!